Have the Past Few Years Been a Waste of Time

Living in the past is something you shouldn’t do, but divorce has a way of making a person question their past choices, and a couple of those questions for me were; “Have the past few years been a waste of time?” and “What if I had it all to do over again?”

I have made so many mistakes throughout my life I have often wondered how my life would be if I made different decisions at various life-changing crossroads. Obviously, I could have avoided much pain and suffering by not doing some of the things I did, but I don’t know if I would be the man I am today without those lessons. Would I have been broken and beaten to the point where my heart was ready, willing and able to accept Jesus? I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t want to find out.

Wondering if the past few years have been a waste of time tends to be a waste of time. We can’t live in the past or undo what has already been done. Learn from your past mistakes apply those lessons to your life and create a better future; hopefully, one who doesn’t have the same hang-ups as before. It is our mistakes that help us to grow. It is our scars that enable us to reach out to others and help them through tough times. Wondering “what if” or if “the past few years have been a waste of time” is simply another way of expressing self-pity. We weren’t coerced into making the decisions we did; therefore, we are responsible for our actions. It is our mistakes and success that mold us and unfortunately, as painful as mistakes can be, they go hand-and-hand.

Living in the past and learning from the past are two entirely different things so don’t dwell on what once was, instead put into practice what you have learned and start living!