Say Yes to Jesus

Christians and non-Christians alike suffer from the troubles of life. Divorce has a huge impact no matter if you have accepted Jesus into your heart or not. The grief process, the healing, and whether or not you choose to move on after divorce is up to you, but there is a big difference in the approach depending on your beliefs.

For those of you that don’t have a relationship with Jesus, I want to tell you why He is important to me and how He has given me the strength I need to get through the tough times in my life.

It is no secret that my divorce was hard on me. I was angry, confused, and heartbroken. If I did not have the faith that I had a purpose in my life I don’t know if I would have been able to become the man I am today or the man I dream of. Knowing that God loves me and that I am a child of His gave me hope. Any child of God has a purpose and potential but only if we give ourselves to Him. Without Him I may have turned to bitterness, hatred, self-medicating, and half a dozen other self-destructive behaviors.

Jesus is not about perfection, judgment, condemnation, hatred, selfishness, or living as a victim. Jesus heals, restores, forgives, loves, corrects, and saves us (even from ourselves at times). He wants us to be able to stand in the midst of trouble and look up to Him and still have joy in our hearts that things will ultimately work out for our good (and His). So often we turn and blame others, blame God, and blame ourselves for the things that have gone wrong in our lives and that only leads to a miserable life.

We all have faith in something… why not put that faith in an all-powerful, loving, forgiving God? Putting it anywhere else will eventually lead to disappointment.

I want to encourage you, that if you are reading this site and think that maybe God might be that missing link or that He can help you, I want you to reach out to Him. I want you to ask Him into your heart so He can begin to heal you from the hurt you feel from divorce. I want you to ask Him to reveal himself to you and to forgive you of your sins. Accept Jesus as your Savior!

If you have accepted Jesus or you still aren’t sure I recommend finding a local church or reading the Bible (I recommend starting with the Book of James). As Christians, we don’t get out of suffering and the troubles of life, but we do have hope and salvation, remember that Jesus is about relationship, love, and transformation – exactly what we all need.