Learn to Change Your Spouse

learn to change your spouse

Over the years I have heard that people don’t change, that they are incapable of it but I have looked back on my life and it seems to be constantly changing, evolving into the person that God wants me to be. Filled with light and darkness, hate and love, selfishness and selflessness, bitterness and forgiveness.

I remember before my daughter was born I did not care for children much. Then Madalyn, my daughter, came along and the next thing I know I am crying at movies like “Bolt” and “Astro Boy.”

I understand what it is like to deal with a temper tantrum in the middle of the store. The point is – God brought a wonderful blessing into my life to help me to grow, to soften my heart, and fill me with love and compassion.

When going through a divorce we often want to change our partner’s mind, we want to work things out, we want forgiveness, or we want them to stop going down the road they have chosen. We don’t get married thinking that the love of our life is going to break our hearts. At some point they changed, they have been beaten down by the world into believing that what they do is okay.
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