Cheerfulness as a Lifes Power

cheerfulness as a lifes power

Cheerfulness has a beautiful lubricating power. It lengthens the life of human machinery, as lubricants prolong the life of inert machinery. Life’s delicate bearings should not be carelessly ground away for mere lack of oil. What is needed is a habit of cheerfulness, to enjoy every day as we go along; not to fret and stew all the week, and then expect to make up for it Sunday or on some holiday. It is not a question of amusement so much as of cheerfulness; not alone that which accompanies laughter, but serenity,–a calm, sweet soul-contentment and inward peace. Are there not multitudes of people who have the “blues,” who yet wish well to their neighbors? They would say kind words and make the world happier–but they “haven’t the time.

To lead them to look on the sunny side of things, and to take a little time every day to speak pleasant words, is the message of the hour.” If everybody knew the power of laughter as a health tonic and life prolonger the tinge of sadness which now clouds the American face would largely disappear, and many physicians would find their occupation gone.
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