Self Help Child Custody

Self help child custody

Divorce is a family issue, and for marriages that involve children, it can be messy and expensive. Defending your rights as a parent is critical when going through a divorce because how it plays out will determine the amount of time you get to spend with your child and when.

It used to be that mothers would get the majority of the custody while fathers got every other weekend and summers while paying child support. As a father, I never wanted to be away from my child a single day. My daughter is the biggest blessing in my life, and it tormented me when I thought of not being with her. I was terrified of the system and the “old” mentality, I did not want to be an every other weekend dad. Continue reading “Self Help Child Custody”

Father Child Custody: Sole Custody

Father Sole Custody

What is sole custody? Sole custody is an arrangement whereby only one parent has physical and legal custody of a child (the other parent typically gets what is referred to as visitation rights).

Most fathers that have gone through a divorce understand that their chances are slim when it comes to getting sole custody of their children. In fact, it is estimated that about 10 to 15 percent of fathers get sole custody. There are a couple of factors driving these percentages; 1) Fathers agree outside of court to the terms and 2) Traditionally mothers have been granted it by the courts where child custody is an issue. Continue reading “Father Child Custody: Sole Custody”

Men Don’t Have to Lose the Divorce Battle

Father divorce custody

This post is primarily for men. I am simply passing along information and not looking for a long heated debate.

None of us want to come home and hear from our spouse’s lips, “I want a divorce.” I remember the day my wife told me. It was nearly 11 pm, and I was drifting off to sleep when she woke me because she wanted to talk. Knowing that if I didn’t let her speak her mind, I would not get any sleep. Little did I expect to hear what came next. So much for a good night’s rest – after her informing me of the divorce. I think back and wonder why the heck she couldn’t wait a few more hours before breaking the news to me. She had been planning it for some time the least she could have done was let me get a good nights sleep. Oh, how I digress…
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Fight for What is Important

Fight for child custody

I don’t often talk about parenting, co-parenting, or custody issues because people are at so many different stages with their kids, those that have them, that is. Plus I am no lawyer, and I am not a judge of what makes a good parent or not.

Things have been incredibly crazy in my life; I should have a show on daytime TV as a soap. At times I just feel I am going to have a breakdown but you know there is one thing out there that helps me remain grounded and look forward to what tomorrow has – my daughter.
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