The People God Puts in Our Lives

people god puts in our lives

Over the years people have come in, and out of my life and at times I wonder where they went… Did I do something to drive them away, did they get bored with me or could it be that the task they were sent to do has been completed and it was time for them to move on?

I have learned that God looks at the big picture when I am incapable of even fathoming the big picture. Even though God did not plan for my marriage to fail, He foresaw it and planned for it. Ultimately I was supposed to learn something and become more Christ-like from experience. Maybe I was supposed to learn something about other people, maybe something about me, or both. I am leaning towards both; I hope that God will use what I have gone through to help others, that is if I allow it. Sometimes I need to put myself out there, and I am not good at stepping outside of my comfort zone. But I have noticed that God is bringing people to me that are in a lot of pain, and instead of me helping them they seem to be helping me.
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