Online Relationships

online relationships

Years ago the idea of developing online relationships had a stigma about it. However, online dating has grown in both popularity and acceptance. Today, nearly 1 out of 5 people have dated someone they met online (online relationships have gained so much traction it is now the third most popular way for meeting new people). As the amount of people who use online dating has increased, the dating pool has become more diverse and high-quality. If you still think that online relationships are taboo, consider that over 280,000 marriages occur in the U.S. each year through online dating.
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Breaking the Ice with Christian Online Dating

Breaking the ice online dating

Some people are naturals when it comes to dating, but then there are those such as myself that get anxious and nervous merely thinking about getting back out in the dating scene.

Nevertheless, if you want to meet someone you need to put yourself out there no matter how dating makes you feel. I found this harder said than done. Meeting people of the opposite sex, in my age range, with similar spiritual beliefs, and with some of the same interests proved to be quite challenging. Not to mention having the time or energy to get 10 feet from the house. Yes, dating had its challenges.
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