Men Coping with Divorce

men coping with divorce

Men coping with divorce is obviously just as common as women dealing with divorce but because men and women are wired differently the manner in which they cope can be very different. Men have been accused of lacking emotion or the inability to deal with emotion compared to their counterparts. When it comes to coping with divorce, it is very important to deal with the emotions you are feeling. Suppressing them is only going to make matters worse and will hinder the healing progress.

Anger, denial and pride can influence men coping with divorce to make poor decisions. Encouraging them to get back into the game before they are ready, self-medicate with alcohol, becoming a workaholic, sleeping the day away and acting like nothing is wrong. Dealing with your feelings after divorce is important and you begin by acknowledging they exist.
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Don’t Just Survive, Learn to Thrive after Divorce

learn to thrive after divorce

Going through a divorce is a humbling and difficult process with negative consequences and emotions. Often, people get stuck or wrapped up in the negativity they forget to resume and rebuild their lives. We are all stuck somewhere; the trick is to recognize it and choose to move on.

In the initial stages of divorce we all hope for God to step in and save the marriage, giving us another chance. We pray, hope and plead – building expectations that we are going to beat the odds or that God will work a miracle only to come to realize that the marriage is over and there is nothing that we can do. We find ourselves helpless, hopeless and depressed. I am not saying that all marriages that start down the road of divorce are destined to end, and you should just give up but statistically over half of all marriages end in divorce, and you need to be prepared.
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Coping Mechanisms

coping mechanisms

Divorce can be very painful, and it can take months or years to recover from its effects. However, there are healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms that can either help or hinder your healing progress. Many people don’t have the resources or skills to cope with the loss and pain that comes from divorce – some have a natural talent, and the point is we need each other help to survive.

Those that don’t know how to cope may turn to addictive behavior to deal with life. Alcohol, drugs, overeating, spending money you don’t have, and smoking is a common coping mechanism used by people today; obviously, they aren’t the most beneficial and at most numb the pain but healing never really takes place. That is why day-after-day they continue to cope by numbing themselves until one day they hit rock bottom and decide to make a change for the better. By this time they have many more issues to deal with than when they originally started.
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