Women, Expectations, and Independence

women expectations and independence

Since I have been dating, I have concluded that my previous expectations of women and what I hope to get in return are incorrect. They seem to have led me to make wrong decisions as well as giving me false hope and here is why…

It is interesting how this new era of women seems to make things more complicated and hard to understand (yes, it is the woman’s fault). There is emphasis put on being independent that seems to detract from what I think a relationship should be like. Don’t get me wrong, I think an independent woman is desirable but there are degrees of independence.
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Superficial vs Personal

superficial vs personal

Have you ever wondered about the dynamics of relationships? There are so many things to consider and “feelings” can get in the way and mess things up. When looking into building new relationships, it is vital to keep your feelings under control and learn what you can about other people. This requires communication and listening (No, texting doesn’t count)!

One thing you might learn is that for one reason or another a relationship might develop that is superficial, lacks substance. It is nice to talk to one another, but there is no deep personal understanding of who each other is. Introverts such as myself who thrive off a few intimate relationships may struggle with the façade of maintaining a superficial relationship. What’s the point?
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Dating after Divorce

dating after divorce

Christian dating after divorce isn’t something that should be rushed into. There are several factors that can affect when a person is ready to date after divorce.

It was about a year after my divorce that I thought I was ready to date and to my surprise, I was so NOT prepared. Sitting there with a young lady over a cup of coffee I could feel that it was too early. I still had too many unresolved issues, and I did not want to get hurt again.
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