Trusting God in Hard Times

trusting god in hard times

During a recent Sunday service, the pastor prayed that we would be able to trust in the Lord when our lives have not turned out the way we would have wanted or they are not going how we would like. Of course, that is a good thing to pray for especially with all that is going on with the economy these days.

I have felt this way and still do feel this way at times. There are things that I want and that I feel should be different in my life to make it better. I quickly realized that the only reason to pray such a prayer would be due to not being obedient to God and doing His will. If we are to follow God and abide by His word, then our lives are going to be better than we could have ever imagined. It is with fleshly desires and expectations while putting ourselves above all else that we end up in a situation where we are disappointed in our lives.
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