I Feel So Unattractive

I feel so unattractive

People go through stages of life, and after a divorce, a person’s self-esteem can take a hit. Not only do they begin to feel physically unattractive but mentally and emotionally. Sure some of us need to work on a thing or two to look and feel our best, but it shouldn’t lead us to feel unattractive.

Reasons For Feeling Unattractive

The main reason for feeling unattractive is a poor self-image. We have just had a devastating blow (being alone after divorce) and find ourselves wanting to be desirable to others. We feel like we have failed in our marriage and family, we have lost our confidence, and we have been rejected. All these will affect how we view ourselves and need to be addressed. Of course, we should not run right out and start a new romance after divorce, but men and women that feel unattractive aren’t always looking to do that.

When it comes to beauty, it is but an illusion. Outward beauty fades, and some of the most desirable people wouldn’t make the top 10 of People’s Magazine Sexiest Men or Women list. I know when I am hanging out with a group of people the ones that I am drawn to are the ones with a positive attitude and a smile on their face. This has nothing to do with their outward looks. You can be drop-dead gorgeous but mix that with a bad attitude, and you quickly become unattractive.
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