Couples, Couples Everywhere

couples everywhere

Life after divorce is challenging especially if you are going to refrain from running out and starting a new relationship or drinking your sorrows away, which we all know simply makes things worse. After my divorce, and from time to time over the years, I come across a phenomenon that drives me crazy. It happens at church, in the grocery store, at the park, driving down the street, and watching tv. It hits me from nowhere and nearly brings me to tears, sometimes it does.

What I am talking about is loneliness or the sense of loss or what could have been. Consider this – Sitting in a church service all is going well, and the couple in front of you seem to be having a grand time as she gently rubs her husband’s back. Then you start looking around, and the whole damn place is filled with couples… they all seem so happy and even look the same age as you are. What the heck is going on, why can’t I have this?
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