Be the Miracle

be the miracle

It seems like our view of a miracle isn’t what it used to be. Biblical miracles tend to revolve around raising people from the dead, healing the blind, making water into wine, and feeding the masses. Today a miracle can be finding our keys, getting to work on time, or making it through one more crummy day.

Divorce has a way of making life seem miserable. The pain can be unimaginable, and it feels like it won’t take anything less than a miracle to survive one more day.

Our physical, financial, and emotional state are in despair yet, if we trust in God, something begins to happen. Our spiritual state grows, and our relationship with God multiplies. Even though we are grieving, we find that we have faith that everything is going to work out eventually. God didn’t do this to us, and He did not abandon us. It takes time to heal from the pain of divorce and get back on your feet. And nearly half the population of the United States will have to walk this road unless there is a morality shift.
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God’s Medicine

gods medicine

It seems only natural to isolate ourselves when we are in pain. For some reason we think we can work through the crisis on our own or nobody will understand what we are going through but the reality is; countless individuals have experienced divorce, stemming from someone simply saying, “I don’t love you anymore” to infidelity and even abuse. Point being… there is no shortage of people in this world that can understand what you are going through.

When we isolate ourselves, we miss out on many of God’s healing medicines. In a state of isolation, we tend to focus on ourselves by having one pity party after another. As our minds conjure up questions with no answers, the worry of things to come, “what if” scenarios and a smorgasbord of feelings we open the door for bitterness, hopelessness, and self-pity; none of which God desires.
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When Will Life Get Back to Normal

when will life get back to normal

For those of you expecting, anticipating and counting the days for when life will be normal again I have bad news for you – the “normal” life as you once knew it doesn’t exist any longer. Divorce uproots lives, turns them upside down and shakes them until they seem to be unrecognizable.

While you are adjusting to your new found chaos, it is helpful to try and stay positive. Things that were once simple can now seem to be overwhelming, but as you learn to manage all the daily tasks of life on your own, it will become easier.

There may be things you don’t know how to do or interests you wish to pursue; this is a great time to start exploring them. Things such as; cooking, money management, jogging, photography, dance, painting, pottery or maybe taking a college course, there are some things you can do. Reconnect with the things that you enjoyed doing apart from your partner.
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God Defines You

god defines you

Broken things can be made useful!

Many of us, most likely all of us, have been in a marriage that was unhealthy, dysfunctional, and sometimes abusive. As time went on, we may have fallen victim to what our partner would say and do to us. We come to believe that we are weak, that we are the cause, that we are worthless, that we are failures, and that we are monsters.

This is often referred to as verbal and psychological abuse, but I tend to try and steer clear of labels because they are broad and I think that we all at one time or another can be “labeled.” I think that two people get in a cycle and treat each other inappropriately. For one reason or another, there is a communication break down, and healthy communication is not practiced by either party until eventually one person breaks down and starts to believe the other. We start letting our spouse define who we are. We lose our identity, our self-esteem, and our ability to stand up for ourselves.
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If You Are Willing

if you are willing

Time and time again Jesus healed people from all sorts of infirmities during His time on this earth. The good news is the power of God continues to heal and rescue people from the bondage that we all struggle with, but one thing has to happen – you have to be willing. What does that mean? It means you have to be willing to surrender to God, to allow Him access to your very being, and to let Him change you from the inside out.

When we are willing to wake up every day and pick up our cross God is faithful to meet us where we are, to work in our lives, and make us more Christ-like. When we live as such, we are blessed with peace, joy, and love in our lives.
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Healing Begins with a Choice

healing begins with a choice

Life consists of times of joy, success, growth and even hurt, failure, and blunders that stem from the many choices we make each day.

When I was divorced several years ago, I can still remember the feelings of hopelessness and loss. At times the pain was overwhelming, and I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the day. Yet, I did – by some miracle, I made it and continued to make it.

When faced with adversity and hardship it is important to take a step back and see things for what they are. Look at the things that you can control and the things you can’t. Realize that there is an enemy out there whose goal is to destroy and devour. God created you, and me, with a purpose and the enemy is going to try and divert us from the will of God by going directly at the ones close to us and us. This isn’t an excuse for sinful behavior but it does allow us to have compassion for others and if needed ourselves. Don’t let the mistakes you made in the past or the hurt others have caused you deter you from what God truly has for you. Make it a point to forgive your ex and try to look at them as God would.

Take the next step and make the best choice you can today – the choice to heal! No longer living in the past of hurt and loss but set your sights on the future – God’s purpose for you. Healing is a process and can be pursued anytime by taking an honest look at yourself and confessing your sin to God while giving yourself over to Him completely.