Coming to Jesus

coming to jesus

No matter where Jesus was, throughout His ministry the multitudes flocked to Him. There was a very good reason for this; they came to Jesus out of hunger. A pang of hunger to be set free, hunger to be healed, a hunger to be taught, and a hunger to know the truth. They wanted to know and understand the absolute TRUTH about having a relationship with God. Over 2,000 years later times have not changed! We all, at some level, hunger to know God – to know the truth, to be healed, to know what it is like to have a relationship with the all mighty God. In essence, the TRUTH of God sets us FREE from so much.

Are you hungry for Jesus? I know I am, but it wasn’t always so. The cares of the world choked out a real relationship with Him. Sure I was a Christian and attended church, but I lacked the relationship. It wasn’t until I was in the midst of a divorce that I began to see what I had been missing. In the midst of brokenness and powerlessness, I finally was able to feel what it was like to have a relationship. Isn’t that the case for most of us? When things are good or at least in control, we tend to rely on our ability, and God is pushed down on the list of priorities. It isn’t until the “fecal matter” hits the fan and we are left standing with our chins on the ground, emotions raw, and hopeless that we finally cry out, “Father help.”
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