whats god doing in your life

Submitted by Ruthann Clayton

Wisdom and discernment, lost arts of ages past.

I say to my daughter, ‘ Be more concerned about your inner character than your outer beauty. My own mother said this once to me, and I never forgot. It was wisdom. What a sharp turn we have taken as a world so preoccupied with the outward appearance, that we have forgotten that the packaging is not the package, the wrapping is not the gift. At least, that I feel is true in the west. I was fortunate enough to travel and tour rural south africa where this clarity and contrast struck me the most. No where had I ever seen poverty and wealth coexist to such an extreme. And while sharing a meal in a poverty stricken village I saw not only riches in their loss, but beauty surpassing the wealth of neighbours. I also saw those in poverty bitter and drug addicted. It levelled in my mind the chasm between classes and reminded me once again, you can dress up a donkey, but a donkey is still a donkey.
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