Men Don’t Have to Lose the Divorce Battle

Father divorce custody

This post is primarily for men. I am simply passing along information and not looking for a long heated debate.

None of us want to come home and hear from our spouse’s lips, “I want a divorce.” I remember the day my wife told me. It was nearly 11 pm, and I was drifting off to sleep when she woke me because she wanted to talk. Knowing that if I didn’t let her speak her mind, I would not get any sleep. Little did I expect to hear what came next. So much for a good night’s rest – after her informing me of the divorce. I think back and wonder why the heck she couldn’t wait a few more hours before breaking the news to me. She had been planning it for some time the least she could have done was let me get a good nights sleep. Oh, how I digress…
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