Always Wanting More

always wanting more

Why is it the ego, the concern with self, is so strong sometimes? All we think about is what is in it for me? Life would be better only if we had more money, a different job, friends, a new car, beautiful clothes, etc. Why is it so hard to find satisfaction in life?

The Bible talks about how no matter how much we have, we are never satisfied or content. Man is always striving for more and never fulfilled. The pleasures of sin only last a short time. He who loves money will never have enough.

The “always wanting more” syndrome has been around for a very long time, and I would venture to guess that the majority of the population struggle with it. We pursue our desires by engaging in all things that please us but it rarely lasts. We seek lasting satisfaction by becoming a workaholic to buy more things, but it only leads to wanting even more. We never quite reach our arbitrary mark of success, and other areas of our lives suffer. We buy toys and other possessions thinking they will satisfy us, but there is always one more thing we have to possess.
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