Overcoming Bitterness

overcoming bitterness

I know that there was a time during the divorce process I was very bitter, especially when it involved our daughter. The fact that I did not get to come home every day and see her smiling face angered me beyond belief and fueled my bitterness towards my ex. I know this can happen to people for many different issues; lost trust, being disrespected, money issues, adultery, etc.… There are probably dozens of reasons a person can find to be bitter, and none of them are worth it.

I have written on bitterness before but the posts can get lost, and it takes some digging to find them. Overcoming bitterness is a major topic and I know it affects people struggling with divorce. To some extent we feel betrayed by the person, we thought we would spend the rest of our lives with. Satan uses bitterness to paralyze us and take away our hope for the future. Bitterness doesn’t ever change anything except to prolong the pain and hurt. God has more in store for you than self-pity and hopelessness.
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