whats god doing in your life

Hello All,

Just want to share what God is doing in my life. Recently, after 6 months of seperation, my wife and son moved back in with me. I was so escatic that she wanted to work on things, I ended up putting pressure on her without realizing it. See, when she left, I became very humble and close to God, relying on Him completely. So I wanted her to see this new man, and instantly fall back in love with me. Let me tell you, real life is nothing like the movies. I put so much focus on making her see how good I was, I completely fell away from God. This sunday I was at Church, and I felt renewed, 100%. I have been praying a lot, and I believe there are 2 things God is trying to teach me. Patience and Understanding. A lot of people have issues with patience, especially since we live in a world that is so focused on instant gratification. If we can’t have it now, impatience and anger take over.

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