Whats Personality Have to do With it

whats personality have to do with it

Recently I was looking through some old books in my office and stumbled across a personality profile on none other than myself. I guess I could look at this in a couple of ways, do I dare read it and find out a thing or two about myself or do I chuck it with the notion that I am pretty together? Well, I decided if anything it could be worth a laugh or two.

As I was reading, I was intrigued by just how much the personality profile knew about me, good and bad. For general purposes, I was looking for areas of improvement and I did find a couple. For starters, it talks about me and conflict – “In general people such as me don’t believe in this concept. The only conflict is when someone disagrees with our point of view, which we assume to be correct. Therefore, conflict resolution can become an exercise in converting the other person over to our point of view.” I do this!! Good area to work on, wouldn’t you think?
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