Stop Playing the Blame Game

stop playing the blame game

After a divorce, there can be many, many “you did this!” “You did that.” statements. The kind of conversations that only lead to an argument filled with anger and hate towards one another.

There are several times a year, even still to this day that I get a call or a letter of what a lousy husband I was. At this point I have two options; option 1 is to defend myself for the hundredth time and attack back. Option 2 is to let it go.

They may be attacking you and dangling that hook in front of you, but you don’t have to bite and attack back. You already know in your heart that you made mistakes; you know they made mistakes, and you know that you are a good person working on being a better Christian day by day. God has forgiven you, you have forgiven yourself, and it is not your fault your ex can’t do the same. You no longer live in the past, and that is a choice you have made. Your ex may not be to that point, or they may simply be having a really bad day and feel like bashing you.
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