How Do You Measure Life

how do you measure life

The bible teaches us not to covet what other’s have, to not have any other gods, or make ourselves idols that are from heaven above or earth beneath. Let me be the first to raise my hand when I ask how many of us are guilty of the pursuit of happiness through possessions?

If we measure life by the things we have accumulated, then we are putting those things before God. In essence, we have other gods and idols. We live in a nation where we are mass consumers, and instant gratification seems to be the norm; so what happens when disaster strikes and we lose everything we have worked so hard to obtain?

I’ve compared divorce with disaster before because both are devastating and redefine life as we know it. Both make us re-evaluate our lives, beliefs, and even our faith. There are so many uncertainties in life and if you build your life around them then someday you may find it crumbling to the ground. The greatest things in life aren’t “things” they are relationships, especially your relationship with God. You can never lose the love of God, and it is the love of God that will get you through the toughest times of your life.
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God has a Plan

god has a plan

It has been several months since I have attended a church service and I finally went tonight. A new church and all.  It was amazing because last night I met with Jeff Brown, the author of “Working Through the Crisis” and the sermon almost was a recording of what we had discussed.

Okay so maybe you found this site because you are going through a terrible time in your life but whether it be good or bad, God has a plan!  I often forget this, and I become so self-focused that I am constantly trying to push forward so hard that I get ahead of God and end up causing myself additional hardship and stress. 
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