Save Your Relationship with a Refresher

save your relationship with a refresher

Every day people fall madly in love and get into long-term relationships that end in marriage. They beam at each other as they walk from the altar, feeling that nothing is impossible and their love will withstand any and every obstacle it encounters. Eventually, however, reality sets in and the honeymoon phase ends. Daily life becomes the focus, and the couple may become like two ships passing in the night. Little annoyances like dishes in the sink, the toothpaste cap left off, and the toilet paper roll being put on the wrong direction can turn into major arguments.
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Reasons People Remarry

reasons people remarry

There are good and bad reasons to remarry after divorce. Unfortunately, many people remarry for bad reasons, and either have a rough marriage or end up divorced again.

An ideal scenario when it comes to remarriage is to marry someone because you are best friends, have similar goals and both want to be the people God created you to be. But more often after divorce people don’t take the time to deal with the baggage and hurt from their previous marriage or life’s setbacks.
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