Does Taste in Music Show State of Mind

taste in music

The past few years I have really started to enjoy music, especially while running or at the gym. I had to chuckle because I was creating a playlist for my Apple iPod and I noticed my taste in music had slipped to the dark side… Okay, not really but I seem to have a lot more songs that focus on the negative than the positive yet they still get me thinking while getting me through a tough workout. I guess pain and suffering inspires a lot of people in this world, there isn’t a bunch of Mary Poppins songs out there, at least I don’t listen to them.

Here is a taste of my playlist:

  • Walk Away
  • I Hate Everything About You
  • I Don’t Care
  • End of Me
  • Never Enough
  • World So Cold
  • Hard To See
  • Pain
  • Snuff
  • Sweet Sacrifice

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