Telling Children About Divorce

Tips on telling children about divorce

No child wants to hear that their parents are getting a divorce, but it should not keep you from telling him the truth. It is important to understand what your child may struggle with as their parents go their separate ways. They may feel lost and uncertain about their futures, they may feel responsible and they may have conflicting feelings such as being caught in the middle of no-win situation.  If you want to see what children have to say about divorce look at this “The Children Suffer” post.

Here are some tips on telling children about divorce

When telling children about divorce, you need to consider their age. You are not going to approach your 5-year-old the same as you would a 10-year-old or a teenager. Even though they need to hear the truth they don’t need the gruesome details. In fact, you don’t want to talk negatively about either parent.
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