Time in the Wilderness

time in the wilderness

Do you feel alone, isolated, and cut off from hope? Perhaps you are having a wilderness experience and don’t even know it. Because of divorce we often find ourselves in a place that feels un-natural, we seem to feel cut off from the things we love, and even our cries to God feel like they fall on deaf ears. Well, guess what?? It is time to rejoice because you are not alone and God has heard your cry!

Throughout scriptures, there are examples of powerful godly men doing their time in the “wilderness.” None of them, or us for that matter, chose to enter the wilderness; it was pretty much chosen for us by others.

Joseph – envied and betrayed by his brothers (sold into slavery) who was later imprisoned because of his integrity to resist Potiphar’s wife was later used by God to save his family and all of God’s people from famine.
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