Where to Meet Christian Single People

I forgot how difficult it was to meet people and build a social life after divorce. I’m the type of person to volunteer at church, or any other place, and pick a job that is behind the scenes, one that will keep me busy. I rarely had the opportunity to interact with others and tap into the social aspect. I was there to work and “darn it” that’s what I’m going to do. When I found myself looking to make a new connection, I felt like a fish out of water, and I realized my people skills needed work.

I have to admit it was difficult meeting people, actually knowing where to meet single Christian people was the most challenging. I am not one for the bar scene nor the nightlife, and I wanted to avoid some of the pitfalls many fall into such as meeting people at work. The workplace is well-known for intercompany romance; however, I did not want the drama or the potential fall out associated with it, especially when I was just starting to get my feet wet.

Places I tried meeting Christian singles

  • Volunteering – You can meet new people by getting involved in your community and church. Plus it makes you feel good to help others.
  • Singles Group at Church – Meeting singles at church is a good way to find people with similar spiritual beliefs.
  • Take a Class – One of the benefits of having a young child is the ability to take an art class offered through the Parks and Rec Department or schools. I even took a photography class to help build my knowledge about taking pictures.
  • Join a Club – due to the internet there are many different clubs or interest groups you can join. Meetup.com is a popular website for things like this.
  • Christian Online Dating – Yes, I tried and in fact met my current wife through online dating. I was able to get to know people via email throughout the U.S. It was a nice way to be myself and get to know people without the stress of first dates. Of course, I had many first dates but not until I had built a rapport with mutual interests. I tried several sites but had the best time with Christian Café.

I tried each of these methods to meet single Christian women; you may find success in one area over another, but the key is to get yourself out there – AND try.