Will I Be Rejected

Will you be rejected when you start dating? The answer is pretty simple, “yes you will be rejected.” It is highly unlikely that you will meet your future mate your first time out. Don’t get me wrong it could happen, but you most likely will have a dozen coffee dates before you meet a person you feel comfortable with getting to know on a deeper level.

Even when you do start getting to know someone, there is a chance it won’t work out. You may end up breaking it off or they might, either way, it should not be viewed as a waste of time or another reason to put up barriers. It is a learning experience, and you should take note of the things you did right and the things that you could work on. When you take things slow and keep your emotions under control, you can approach dating as a business relationship. You build relationship, respect, friendship, trust, communication, and confidence.

Let me clarify “dating as a business relationship.” I think when we start dating it is important to get to know our partner from the inside out and if we lead with our emotions, we can get into trouble (at least from my experience). We need to be aware of our thoughts and make sure that the person sitting across from us would honestly make a good partner. It requires knowing ourselves first and what we want; then slowly getting to know them before we make any form of commitment.

If you are dating someone and you know it isn’t going to work out then you should tell them the truth and be respectful. Don’t play games, remember we are grown-ups no longer in high school. If you get rejected, don’t jump to conclusions and assume you are a bad person or that nobody will ever love you because that is a lie. Consider yourself lucky that you got to meet a nice person and practice building relationship with them.

Always remember that you are a commodity, a child of God, you are desirable, good, and lovable. Your mate will come in time but don’t fear rejection because in some way or another we encounter it all the time. Rejection is meant for reflection and learning, not self-pity.