Keep Your Focus on Eternity

God’s love for each of us is very personal.

One evening almost ten years ago I was resting in the spare bedroom of our former home and suddenly a huge book appeared before me. The book was open to a section that described the Sacrament of Marriage as designed by God for humanity. Words were visible on the two pages before me as in any book, but I understood what was written without having to read the words, and was deeply moved by the intelligence and great beauty of what was written. Then I was instructed to keep my focus on eternity.

God loves each one of us immensely. His love for you and me is deeply personal. Oh that we would spend our lives adoring Him with a love that is deeply personal in return! How great is His mercy, His compassion! How caught up we get in things that are of no value to our souls and have no value for the souls of our brothers and sisters. We are to keep focused on that which is eternal.

At the time I saw the book, received information on the Sacrament of Marriage, and was instructed to focus on eternity, my marriage was ending. I did not even know it, but God knew. The Sacrament of Marriage is vital to God’s plan for humanity. Pray that the Author of Marriage be invited to every wedding! Pray that all those called to the vocation of Holy Matrimony realize the value of their vow and go to God often for the strength and love needed to honor that promise.

I still reflect back on the moment when God offered me crucial information in advance of my divorce. He consoled me and guided me into the next phase of my evolving apostolate with His instruction to keep my focus on that which is eternal. As vital as marriage is to God’s plan for humanity, some marriages end. Circumstances change throughout our lifetimes, and God’s love transcends every one of them. Be comforted with the knowledge that eternal joy in the Presence of God awaits the just in heaven.

Each one of us has been given a role to play in God’s plan of salvation. Each one of us encounters suffering and loss on our way to eternity. God is always present to love us, guide us, teach us, strengthen us, and help us through every circumstance. God values us so much that He willed us into being so that we could spend eternity in His most loving Presence.

About nine years after seeing the book, I walked into the chapel of a church in a neighboring city to visit with Jesus present in the Eucharist. I gasped out loud and had to look away after seeing a life-sized statue of Jesus scourged. If you ever doubt how much God loves you, meditate on the image of our beloved Jesus during His Passion and remember that He agreed to accept that which was ours to endure. Jesus loves us that much! Do not allow yourself to be tempted to think otherwise, and keep your focus on sharing that love with Him now and forever. Through every circumstance, in all that you do, keep your focus on eternity. We shall reap what we sow.

Guest Post Submitted by – Michele Bondi Bottesi – God is at Work in You!