Love Yet to Be

Submitted by Ruthann Clayton

The construction of the soul is built with many pieces. If one block is missing, the entire structure is compromised.

The fundamental building blocks are the most critical and have the greatest consequence and impact. These blocks are acceptance: that our being is welcomed in to the world, validation: that our being is valued and of worth, uniqueness: we bring something to the world that gives us purpose, one that we alone are destined to fulfill, and connection: we are joined to others in the journey and are interdependent on each other. Upon these blocks the rest of the soul flows.

Upon these blocks are the next tier.The creative: abilities and talents to fulfill our purpose, values: a standard of integrity not run by feeling or vanity, but by courage and commitment, and contribution: reaching beyond personal fulfillment to service of others. These are secondary blocks. And so on.

Without a firm foundation, the soul is left wandering and chasing mirages in search of the missing pieces. Missing pieces shape our character as much as those pieces that are present, for better or worse. We all have missing pieces, by mere fact that we are human. This points us to the Divine, the Perfect. We are in search of the perfect structure, the perfect soul, the perfect love. The voice who sounds in our ear is our complete union, a bond of connectedness that meets head on with equal balance and sublime attention. God is the perfect presence, reaching to us with unbridled love. It is us, whose reaching back falls short. Through Christ, we are given a pass, that brings our feeble reaching to meet His in glorious delight. The dance, then, between us and God, can resume, until we meet again. Like the yearning of unrequited love, we walk the tension between the here and now and the anticipation of that which is yet to be. We see a glimpse. We taste and know of that which is yet to be realized.

The more our interaction with God occurs, the more our missing pieces are filled in, we become more of who we were made to be just by hanging out with God.

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