Best Time to Celebrate the Holiday

For me, the best time to celebrate the holidays is when they are over! Yes, you heard me right; over, finished, done, concluded, ended, OVER. Okay, I realize that it might sound like I am bitter or a Scrooge when it comes to the holiday season but I find it exhausting. The routine I cherish is shot to heck with the chaos of the go, go, go busyness of the holidays. And what’s with all the people? Where do all these people come from? The introvert within is screaming for some quiet alone time.

You should have seen the look my wife gave me after we opened our Christmas gifts and I asked if we could take the tree down. Come on now! It’s time to restore some degree of normalcy, right? After weeks of gluttony and being forced to eat everything set before me, I am now “encouraged” to go on a diet… really? Wife, you helped create the bulge around my middle so you might as well love it as I have grown to love it.

I have issues during the holiday season (and every other season for that matter…tons of issues), but I do try to keep things in perspective. God has given us the ultimate gift, Himself, and when we accept His gift, we are promised everlasting life. Yes, I can be Scroogish from time to time, but ultimately when I stop and look at what God has done in my life, I find it difficult not to be grateful. I need to step away from my narcissism and reflect on my many blessings instead of dwelling on the negative.

The holidays are about thanksgiving and love, and though the world has put a materialistic spin on it, there is still plenty of love going around. I know what it is like to be alone during the holidays and I also know what it is like to be surrounded by friends and family. What do I prefer? A little bit of both. The holidays are what we make of them and even though you may not be whole this year and maybe missing a spouse or your children because they with the other parent, you still can make the best of it.

It is still my prayer that God will soften my very hard heart, and if there are others out there that have found their hearts hardened, I pray that God will also work on your heart as well.