Your Child’s Self Esteem

child self esteem

No matter the age, children of divorced parents can take it upon themselves to carry the blame for the break-up of the family. They think if they behaved better, listened better, got better grades, helped out more, then things would not have gotten so bad at home. Obviously, this is not true… the responsibility for the divorce rests solely on the parents, and it is also their responsibility to help their children cope with the divorce.

Your child’s self-esteem is their mental foundation. A self-assured child is successful, confident, happy, secure and well-adjusted. They tend to be able to solve problems that come their way easier, and under the umbrella of loving nurturing parents, their self-esteem will thrive.
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The Children Suffer

Children suffer divorce

When Madalyn was 5 she would continue to ask me why she could not be with mom and dad the same amount of time. And to be honest, I found it extremely difficult to explain to her the reasoning. The truth is more than what she could handle, and most certainly the last thing I would want to tell her and to lie also is difficult. As I would explain the best that I could my daughter would go into “problem-solving” mode and start to offer solutions (it was cute but not realistic).

I was amazed at how much she wanted to see things work out. No matter what the children do suffer because of divorce and they get caught in the middle. Many times they feel responsible, and this is not acceptable. Here are a few postcards sent by kids that struggle with divorce. Credit goes to Post Cards from Splitsville. No matter how poorly you are feeling right now because of divorce, your children need you to be there for them!

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Dealing with Exs New Love and Your Children

new love after divorce

Nothing seems to generate jealousy after a divorce than when one parent has a new love interest. In most cases, it has nothing to do with the fact that their ex has a new partner. What bothers people is that this new love interest will be around their children. Very few people can accept someone else stepping into that role, even if only for a little while. I know I struggled with this for over a year. After my ex got remarried and my little girl came home and started talking about her “daddy”, and she was not talking about me it almost made me sick. I had to learn to deal with this on my own because it was my issue, not my daughters and it should remain as such.
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Men Don’t Have to Lose the Divorce Battle

Father divorce custody

This post is primarily for men. I am simply passing along information and not looking for a long heated debate.

None of us want to come home and hear from our spouse’s lips, “I want a divorce.” I remember the day my wife told me. It was nearly 11 pm, and I was drifting off to sleep when she woke me because she wanted to talk. Knowing that if I didn’t let her speak her mind, I would not get any sleep. Little did I expect to hear what came next. So much for a good night’s rest – after her informing me of the divorce. I think back and wonder why the heck she couldn’t wait a few more hours before breaking the news to me. She had been planning it for some time the least she could have done was let me get a good nights sleep. Oh, how I digress…
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Fight for What is Important

Fight for child custody

I don’t often talk about parenting, co-parenting, or custody issues because people are at so many different stages with their kids, those that have them, that is. Plus I am no lawyer, and I am not a judge of what makes a good parent or not.

Things have been incredibly crazy in my life; I should have a show on daytime TV as a soap. At times I just feel I am going to have a breakdown but you know there is one thing out there that helps me remain grounded and look forward to what tomorrow has – my daughter.
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